Welcome to OutwarHelp This is an Outwar Help site for Quests, Diamond City, Adventures, ect... If you have any questions plz Contact me for more info. Thanks!


30/3/05 - Moved to new host from my friend :) It's better than the free ones. Enjoy! :)

13/3/05 - I didn't online too much for now coz my new job but I'll try to update my site daily if I know any new quests. Google Adsense have been added on site.

20/2/05 - New quests and new sets are up with Codewebs's DCI map. There's a little bit that I didnt finish yet, I'll try to finish everything ASAP. Enjoy!

16/2/05 - Since Outwar released the new DCI, there are lots of changes so I'll update the site ASAP. Besure to check OutwarHelp.co.nr daily for more information.

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